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At the end of the day, what makes an oil to gas conversion worthwhile for your home?

Here's a simplified list of the benefits:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Cleaner fuel (more environmentally conscious)
  • Rebates  on installation purchases
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Better warranties on furnace and boiler equipment
  • All the most recent upgrades to HVAC products
  • Cheaper repair and maintenance


The Raynor Electric Professionals are the oil to gas experts you can trust...

"Raynor provided us with excellent service. The engineer called with the exact time he would arriver. He was friendly, explained everything clear, and wore booties over his shoes when coming back to the house. Would definitely recommend this family-run company...the office staff are so helpful too!

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Helen Goodson

Southern New Jersey Customer

You can always call Raynor Electric to learn more about how making the conversion can modernize and improve your home. Our experts are the professionals to consult!


Are you thinking about making the oil to gas switch this heating season? There's a lot you'll need to know!

You might already know that homeowners who convert their heating systems from oil to natural gas powered save an average of 50% on their annual utility bills. You may even know that these savings typically cover the cost of installation in less than ten years!

But do you know:

  • The different types of natural gas heating?
  • The difference between convective and radiant heating?
  • The rebate opportunities you may have for conversion?
  • The alternatives to natural gas (in case you can't connect to a line)?
  • The environmental impact of oil vs. natural gas heating?

All of these questions are important for making sure that your heating system perfectly fits your home. It can be difficult to find the answers online due to the sheer volume of the discussion — there are so many sources talking and contradicting each other at once, how can you find the truth?  

That's why we decided to organize this e-book, Why to Make an Oil to Gas Conversion. This resource has all of the information you need in one convenient place! No need to struggle with finding reliable sources in you online resource anymore — the Raynor Electric professionals are the local oil to gas experts, and we've collected the facts about natural gas!

Once you've decided what form of natural gas system you're interested in, Raynor Electric will give you a consultation.  You're sure to get the right system when you trust the experts. Call Raynor Electric today for all your service needs!



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